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The Art Nouveau style was developed internationally in the 1880's and lasted until around 1914. Art Nouveau styles were seen in metal work, including silver, public buildings, advertisements and private homes throughout Europe and North America. It was a response to rapid urban growth and radical changes caused by the Industrial Revolution and the technological advances that followed. It was also an attempt to create an international style based on decoration and was developed by many brilliant artists and designers who strived to develop an art form appropriate to the modern age.

The name was derived from the Maison de l'Art Nouveau, an interior design gallery which opened in Paris in 1896 and means New Art. Although many Art Nouveau items are not as scarce as earlier Georgian and Rococco items due to mass production of the times, Art Nouveau is still extremely collectible in its own right and it is not hard to see why. The Art Nouveau style is beautiful and characterised with flowing floral patterns and unusual leaf like shapes. It is a style which fits in with any type of decor from modern to traditional style of furnishings. The movement has also been associated with the Arts and Crafts movement, a predominantly English art movement strongly driven by William Morris (1834-1896).

Art Nouveau is style which mixed old customs and traditions with new. While some designers were influenced by new technologies other retreated to the past and used fantasy, myths and spiritual influences. Cherubs were often portrayed in Art Nouveau styles as they relected the virtuous ideals of the time. They were a spiritual contrast to the coldness of the Industrial Revolution. They could be found in literature, paintings and also embossed in silver. Silver lidded jewellery boxes were often covered with cherubs, hearts and flower. They were associated with the Romantic Movement and conveyed the message of love. Trinket Boxes were often presented to ladies by their admirers.

Items designed by renowned names such as Liberty & Co, Tiffany, Georg Jensen, and Lalique (famous for glass and jewellery) are widely sought after.