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The first examples of ashtrays probably date from around the early 19th Century. By the early 20th Century, ashtrays were more common and many different designs existed. The most popular ashtrays were made with glass but other materials such as silver and bakelite have also been used. After the First World War, it became fashionable for Ladies to smoke, especially for the flapper generation. This lead to a range of more feminine Ashtrays being made and these are among the most collectible today, due to their appealing nature.

For the gentlemen of the era, ashtrays tended to be larger and heavier, often made of marble or bronze. Other ashtrays depicted bronze statuettes such as Austrian Cold Painted Bronze animals mounted on marble ashtrays. These are collectible in their own right. Dutch Silver ashtrays often depict rural scenes making them very desirable.

Below is an example of an early 20th Century Dutch Silver Ashtray.


Dutch Silver Ashtray