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Baby Pacifiers consist of Rattles, Teething Sticks and Dummies. These items have been found since the Roman Times. Many are made from coral as this was believed to have special powers. It was usually combined with precious metals such as gold and silver. Although some 17th Century pacifiers have supplied they are mainly of French, Dutch or German origin. In England there are few that survived, probably because many of them may have been made from cheaper and less durable substances.

Later in the 18th and 19th Centuries, they were often made with very ornate silver in separate parts. They usually had coral handles. Later Mother of Pearl and Ivory was often to form these pacifiers. Pacifiers were not always safe though. Parts like the small bells could come off only to be swallowed and some early teething rings/dummies were made out of black, maroon or white rubber which contained a small amount of lead.