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One of the first silver bottles to be found must be the Pilgrim Bottle. Pilgrim Bottles have a flattened, spherical or pear-shaped look with loops on either side of the neck. These would have been attached to a chain or chatelain. Decorative pilgrim's bottles have been made since the 16th Century, including elaborate embossed silver examples and similarly shaped scent bottles in the 18th Century. The Art Nouveau and Art Deco Era soon led to new innovated designs being made.

Perfume Bottles can also be found in various shapes and sizes. Again the Art Nouvea era led to a wide range of various styles. Some made of glass with silver rims and others made totally from silver.

Art Nouveau Silver Fork
Above: An example of an Art Nouveau Cut Glass Silver Lidded Perfume Bottle


Decanters are also popular, usually being made of glass with silver rims or stoppers. They can range from the plain to the ornate, Some can fetch large sums of money.