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Buckles were first introduced by the Romans in the 1st century. It was normally the Military and High Social Classes that used buckles in this era. They were regarded as symbols of Social Rank up until the 13th Century.

Many 13th Century buckles were used to fasten girdles or waist belts. The 14th Century also saw the emergence of shoe buckles. These may even have occurred during the 13th Century as well.

The Medieval times produced more decorative buckles, some being made of precious metals and adorned with paste stones. The use of precious stones was forbidden by Sumptuary Law. In Elizabethan times this law meant that no one of lesser class than Knights or Baron's Sons were allowed to wear buckles or girdles.

In Georgian times the Shoe Buckle was extremely popular. These were often made in silver and decorated with paste stones.

Nurses Buckles are also an extremely collectible item. If you are very lucky you may still find some with a black belt attached. The black belt was given when a nurse passed her SRN but only a Ward Sister was allowed to wear a Silver Buckle. Art Nouveau or Victorian Silver Nurses Buckles are very popular.

Other types of buckles to collect include Cowboy Buckles and Military Buckles.

Silver Shoe Buckles
Pair of Scottish Silver Shoe Buckles