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During the Regency and Victorian era it was cusomary to use visiting cards. This lead to the introduction of visiting card case which first appeared around 1820. Card Cases were manufactured in many countries and in many different materials, including silver, ivory, tortoise shell, mother of pearl and gold. Silver was one of the earliest materials to be used for card cases and is easy to date due to hallmarking. Cases ranged from the plain to the very ornate and some included engravings of castles, abbeys, cathedrals and churches and other historic monuments. Many were made in Birmingham, with Nathaniel Mills being the most prolific maker. Other important makers were Hilliard & Thomason, Taylor & Perry, Joseph Wilmore, Yapp and Woodward, Frederick Mason and George Unite.

Visiting cards were used up to the Second World War and has now been superseded with the modern Business Card. In the heyday of visiting cards, the etiquette of leaving cards was played out in drawing rooms across the country. Calls were made after lunch and a card would be left if the person was not in. Cards could be marked with a message. Gentlemen's cards tended to be bigger than Ladies thus a gentlemans card case would also be bigger.

Victorian Card Case