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Birmingham Silver Hallmarks


Birmingham Silver Hallmarks Date Letters 1773 to 1924

Birmingham Hallmarks 1773 to 1797
Birmingham Hallmarks 1798 to 1823 Birmingham Hallmarks 1824 to 1848
Birmingham Hallmarks 1849 to 1874
Birmingham Hallmarks 1875 to 1899 Birmingham Hallmarks 1900 to 1924

The Birmingham Assay Office was established in 1773 and was due, mainly in part, to Matthew Boulton, who left his mark on everything which he made.

Petitions were presented to Parliament on the 1st February, 1773 by manufacturers of silver in Sheffield, and on the following day by others of Birmingham.

The petition from Birmingham was prepared by Matthew Boulton on behalf of himself and the rest of the manufacturers of wrought silver in Birmingham.

The above letters are those which were and still are, used on Birmingham silver.