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American Silver Makers Marks

Albert F Adams Albert F Adams produced silver in the 1860's and was registered in Nashua, NH
Fuchs & Beiderhase

Fuchs & Beiderhase

c1891 - 1896 New York

Gorhams Gorhams silver was founded by Jabez Gorham and Henry L Webster in 1831. The company was based in Providence, Rhode Island. In 1842 the company was succeeded by Jabez Gorham's son, John Gorham where he proceeded to improve and expand the designs. Gorham's employed master craftsmen including George Wilkinson, an English designer. From 1850 until 1940 Gorham's was highly influential and in 1865 they traded as Gorham Manufacturing Company. Gorham's silver has been used in the White House for many Administrations and in 1859, Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Abraham Lincoln, purchased an extremely impressive tea and flatware service which was to be used in the White House. This was presented to the National Museum of American History in 1967. More recently, the George W Bush family have used the Gorham's Chantilly Pattern flatware service aboard Air Force One.
Fredericks Ltd Shepard Manufacturing Co traded in Melrose Highlands, Massachusetts. They specialised in sterling silver souveneir spoons and enamelling. They produced silver items between 1893 and 1923