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London Silver Makers Marks - A

Asprey & Co

Asprey Retailers Mark


Asprey Retailers Mark

Asprey Retailers Mark

Modern Asprey Mark

Asprey & Co Mark c1929


Asprey London retailers mark. Asprey also sold items made by other makers so this mark could be found on items with different silver makers marks such as Sampson Mordaen

Silver Makers mark for Charles and George Asprey c1920's


Asprey A & Co c1930's


A contemporary Asprey mark c1980's

Allen & Darwin A & D in rounded rectangle - Allen & Darwin
Alstons & Hallam A&H Alstons & Hallam
Army & Navy Cooperative Society A&N over CSL for Army & Navy Cooperative Society Ltd registered 1903 in London.
Alice & George Burrows A.B - Arthur Baume, silver watch case maker often associated with Longines during WWI
Alice & George Burrows Adey Bellamy Savory
Alice & George Burrows

A.B over G.B in square

Alice & George Burrows

A B Savory & Sons A B Savory & Sons - makers mark found on salver, trophy
Alice & George Burrows Alfred Clark
Andrew Fogelberg Andrew Fogelberg
Charles Boyton II

A.D in a rounded rectangle

Archibald Douglas

Albert Hernu

A.H in a rounded rectangle

Albert Hernu - Registered 1884

Ari D Norman

AN in a shield

Ari D Norman - Registered 1974

Charles Boyton II Charles Boyton II
Charles Boyton & Sons Charles Boyton & Sons Ltd
Cooper Brothers & Sons

CB & S in a shield

Cooper Brothers and Sons

Cooper Brothers & Sons

C.E in a rounded rectangle

Charles Engelhard - Registered 1882

Charles Gordon

C.E in a chamfered corner

Charles Gordon - Registered 1828

Charles Gordon Charles Hougham
Charles Neale & Daniel May I

CN over DM

Charles Neale and Daniel May I

Charles Rawlings and William Summers Charles Rawlings and William Summers
Charles William Fletcher Charles William Fletcher
David A Bowles David A Bowles - Contemporary silversmith. Makers marks found on novelty vesta cases, silver menu holders and silver boxes
Crisford & Norris Silver Maker Drew & Sons (Samuel Summers Drew & Ernest Drew)
David A Bowles Duncan Urquhart &  Napthali Hart - Georgian silver maker registered in 1791 with marks found on sugar tongs, flatware, cruets, baskets, casters, buttons and possibly others
Fredericks Ltd Fredericks Ltd
James Wakely George Baskerville & Thomas Morely
James Wakely Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company
Henry Holland Henry Holland
Henry Holland Henry Perkins & Sons
Henry Holland Horace Woodward & Co Ltd
Henry Holland Joseph Barnard
John Harris John Lias
John Harris John Harris
James Wakely James Wakely & Frank Clarke Wheeler
Crisford & Norris Silver Maker Joseph Willmore
Crisford & Norris Silver Maker Maria Tippen
Crisford & Norris Silver Maker Martin, Hall & Co (Richard Martin & Ebenezer Hall)
Robert Pringle Robert Pringle & Sons
Saunders & Shepherd Saunders & Shepherd Ltd
Walter and John Barnard Walter and John Barnard
William Hutton & Sons William Bateman I
William Eaton William Eaton
William Hutton & Sons William Eley & William Fearn
William Hutton & Sons William Hutton & Sons Ltd
William Robert Smily William Robert Smily