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Silver makers have been required to stamp their work since 1363. Unfortunately many of the early registers were destroyed in the Great Fire of London so it is not possible to identify some early silver makers. After this time it should be possible to identify the silver maker by the silver makers mark.


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Until 1697 silver makers tended to use a rebus or symbol and initials combined into one mark. Between 1697 and 1720 a silver maker was required to use the first two letters of his surname but from 1720 onwards it became normal for silver makers to use their initials.

Prior to 1700, it was common for Scottish Silver Makers to use a monogram, however after 1700 Scottish Silver Makers tended to use initials or their full surname.

If the Silver Maker is a factory or firm, the Silver Maker's Mark can also be referred to as the "Sponsor's Mark".