Silver information

Sheffield Silver Makers Marks

Arthur Worral Stanifort Arthur Worral Staniforth

Sheffield Silver Makers are required to put a mark on their silverware which should have the first initial of their christian name and the first initial of their surname.

C J Vander Ltd C J Vander Ltd
Cooper Brothers & Sons Cooper Brothers & Sons
E Viners Viner's Ltd (Emile Viener / Viner)
Francis Howard Silver Maker Francis Howard
Atkin Brothers Atkin Brothers
Joseph Rodgers & Sons James Dixon & Sons
Joseph Rodgers & Sons Trumpet Mark used on James Dixon & Sons, often to distinguish between J Deakins but also used predominently on silver plate.
Joseph Rodgers & Sons Joseph Rodgers & Sons
Mappin & Webb Mappin & Webb
Roberts & Belk Ltd Roberts & Belk Ltd
Robert Fead Mosley Robert Fead Mosley
Thomas Bradbury & Sons Silver Maker Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd
Walker & Hall Walker & Hall